About me

My academic and professional path

Since i was very young, i'm interested in IT's. My first computer was a Spectrum 128k +2a, but i rarely used it for play, as i began to learn BASIC from the manual.

Soon i was trying to build games and utilities, and i decided to aim my professional life to Computer Science. So i graduated in informatics engineering, and i'm finishing an MSc in mobile computing. I started my professional life during my graduation, in an Aluminium Machinery firm, developing on it's own software, and, at the same time, developing another software to control a big machine in textile area. With the graduation, i moved on to a well known consulting firm in Lisbon (Accenture), where i could achieve far more skills. From there, i moved to another city, and another company. If you are interested, you can check from my resume here. Currently, i'm working in the government area (justice), and i'm launching myself as a freelancer as well.