Skeet Shoot Pro

Choose your weapon and travel around the world shooting skeets

Test your shooting skills and reflexes with this spectacular and addictive game.

Pratice first, in the three available game modes, try other weapons, as there are 2, 3 and 4 shots weapons, and then go for the real thing, and compete.

While practicing, you will have infinite skeets, no score, no winning or loosing, just practicing, and always in the same place.

Competing is differente, each level is in a differente place, with a differente skeet mode.

Read carefully the info before each level. Here you can find the total skeets of the level, as well as the number of skeets you will have to break so you can move on.

If you can manage to break two skeets with just one shot, you will get a score bonus.

Try to get to the top 10, submitting your record.

Very addictive game.

If you have some issue, or idea, please inform me by email.Thank you.

Game features:

  • Weapon selection
  • Single Skeet Mode
  • Double Skeet Mode
  • Compete
  • Practice
  • Submit scores to enter to the global top 10 players
  • Local Score
  • Global Score
  • Possibility to install on SDCard

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