Slide Presentation Control

First Application with Pointer Simulation

This is a remote control application for powerpoint slideshow. If you usually need to use powerpoint, then this is just for you, as you can notice if you try it.

There are other apps to control powerpoint remotelly, but this is the first and only one with a pointer, to point to whatever you think is necessary. You can connect your phone to the server either by Wifi or Bluetooth, and then, present your ideias, read the notes, control you time, from anywhere in the show room, without having to go to the pc, or without having to buy a clicker. This is the first version. New festures soon.

Supported features:

  • Control your slideshow remotely
  • Easily read slide notes on your phone
  • Bluetooth and WiFi support
  • Use volume keys, slide finger or touch arrows to change slide and/or animation
  • Control the presentation time
  • Go to desired slide
  • Point to anywhere on the slide

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