Mine Rush

Control a mine wagon to catch all the falling rocks

A mine accident has occurred, and the walls are falling all over, soon there will be no way out, so hurry up!!!

Your job is to mantain the mine passage opened.


You will see falling ROCKS, BOMBS and BONUS!! You have to control the wagon moving side to side to catch all the falling rocks, but be careful, you have to avoid the bombs. Getting the bonus will cause the ground to move down. You can control the wagon with the phone accelerometer, or by tapping on the screen.

When the wagon is fully loaded with rocks, you have to dump the cargo into the green side bar that appears.

Until you dump it, you will not be able to catch any more rocks, but still, you can catch bonus and bombs.

Every rock that hits the floor, will cause the ground to move up.

There are three bonus types:

  • YELLOW BONUS moves the ground a liitle bit down, and gives you extra points
  • RED BONUS moves the ground way down, and gives you more extra points
  • BLUE BONUS fully loads the wagon, or, if loaded already, dumps the cargo, moving the groud down

There are two bomb types:

  • DYNAMITE will move the ground way up
  • BLACKBOMB, will destroy your cargo, and it the wagons is unloaded, then it will cause the ground to move up

As you go up on levels, fallings will appear faster, turning this amazing game into a TRUE CHALLENGE, not only for you REFLEXES, but also for your SPEED and CONCENTRATION. In addition, you can manage to be a featured player and enter to the TOP 10 PLAYERS, by submitting your highscores.


  • Sound on/off
  • Music on/off
  • Control using accelerometer
  • Control tapping screen
  • Submit scores to enter to the global top 10 players
  • Local Score
  • Global Score
  • Possibility to install on SDCard

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