Baby Watch

Easily monitor your baby's sleep

Easily monitor baby's sleep, doing whatever you have to, or just taking a rest.

With this application you can easily monitor your baby's sleep. You don't have to be close to the room anymore, while baby's sleeping!!!

Just put your baby to sleep, leave the phone in the same room, and do whatever you have to do, or just take a rest. Meanwhile, if your baby wakes up, you will be noticed at once.

Configure a phone number, and properly adjust all settings to fit your own needs. Baby Watch will listen to your baby's noises during the sleep, and, once the noise passes the threshold for the time configured on the Trigger Delay, the app will make a call to the phone you configured. If you answer the call, and notice that was a false alarm, then just hang up, and the app will automatically resume. If a low battery is detected, Baby Watch will sms the configured phone to alert to the fact. Finally, when your baby wakes up, just press the "Stop Listening" button, to stop listening and save the data to the log.

Supported features:

  • Insert a phone number or choose from contacts
  • Start delay, so the app gives you time to leave the room
  • Trigger delay, to avoid false alarms
  • Resume delay. After a false alarm, the time to resume listening
  • Volume sensitivity, to calibrate the micrphone sensitivity
  • Threshold, so you can adjust the sound threshold
  • Log activity, so you can know when and for how long did your baby sleep
  • Low battery warning - (when listening) detects low battery, and send an SMS
  • No sound when listening

VERY IMPORTANT:: Don't forget to adjust all settings properly, and test them before use

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